We are storytellers at heart.


One thing you should know about us is that at our core, we are storytellers. We strive to tell your story as authentically as possible by focusing on the substance and meaning of a wedding day, or the heart behind a business. We want to do more than just capture events, we want to tell your story. We also love details, and try to capture things other people might not even notice!

I have a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Video Production. I've spent the last few years developing my skills as a videographer and editor and now am putting those skills to use!

Fun facts about me: I actually went to school for videography. I have a B.A in Media Production with an emphasis in video. So, a lot of my knowledge actually comes from professionals in a formal training environment!  I love camping, I grew up going with my family all the time, and now I crave it in the summer. I would live in a tent if I could. I have a cat named Harrison who hangs out with me all day while I edit, I am addicted to LaCroix, and I love the show Parks and Rec a little too much. Just kidding, there is no such thing as loving Parks and Rec too much! Where are my Leslie Knope fans at?!


We are based in Milwaukee, WI but love to travel.

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