My (Ideal) Schedule for Maximum Productivity

I should start this blog post by saying that this schedule I'm about to share with you is my ideal daily schedule. It definitely doesn't happen every day of the week, although I would love if it did! Sometimes I stay up too late, and so I can't get up as early as I would have liked and that's okay. I've learned to give myself grace if my day doesn't look like this all the time. 

Since working from home, I've struggled to find a schedule that works for the way I naturally operate and since I finally feel like I've found a system that works for me, I wanted to share it! I've talked to multiple people who work from home, and it seems like the struggle to find a schedule that works is a common thing. I'm sharing my ideal schedule not to say that it's the BEST or only RIGHT way to do things, but with the hope that if you're reading this and have been struggling to feel productive when working at home, you'll feel a little more inspired to experiment with your schedule until you find something that works.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.26.38 AM.png

So, without further adieu, here is my ideal schedule for maximum productivity!


5:00am: alarm clock goes off, hit snooze

5:05am: boil water for pour over, stretch in the kitchen while waiting, make coffee.

5:15am: sit down with my coffee, spend time in prayer/reading/journaling. (non-negotiable part of my day)

5:50am: make and eat breakfast

6:00am: sit down at my desk to start the work day!

12:00pm: lunch break!

12:45pm: back to work, usually with lighter tasks.

1:30/2:00pm: hit the gym with Adam.

3:00pm-7:00pm: free time! tasks around the house, cooking dinner, reading, whatever.

7:00pm: evening activities like small group or worship practice on some nights of the week

8:00pm: back to work, usually only doing tasks I enjoy. I've found I'm pretty productive for about an hour or so at night so I try to use that to my advantage.

9:00pm: free time, reading netflix, spending time with Adam, whatever!

10:30pm: bed time.


Like I said, this is just an ideal for me. It doesn't happen every day. Also, when it comes to the evening schedule, I usually have different things happening for each night of the week. So some nights I don't work from 8-9, but on other nights I might work longer, like 7-9. My schedule for the evening is a lot more flexible than my schedule for the day. 

I've learned that if I start work earlier in the day I am way more productive. So, if I start by 6am, I can often finish everything I need to by noon. I just seem to be more efficient early in the day, this is when I can hammer out all of the bigger tasks-primarily editing, but also things like contracts, research, and education. I am pretty worthless after lunch, so I usually save lighter tasks for this time, like answering any emails that might have come in since the morning or doing research. In the evening, I get another spurt of motivation/inspiration so I try to utilize this and work on things like blog posts, for-fun editing, or social media scheduling for this time of day.



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