cinematic  authentic  romantic

We are more than just wedding videographers, we are storytellers at heart. We focus on the substance and meaning of your wedding day. When telling your story, we try to do so as authentically as possible, capturing the essence of who you are as a couple. It’s one thing to show up on a wedding day, and simply capture the events that transpire, and then overlay a song to that footage. It’s another thing entirely, to tell a couple’s story through their wedding day. That’s why we love to capture the audio from the day, like the vows, toasts, or officiant, and use that audio to create a meaningful wedding film.

We love capturing the real and intimate moments that happen on the day you promise forever to the one you love. Your love story and personality as a couple will shine when you let us in to see the real you! We love the intimate moments because they reflect the emotions that you feel on a wedding day. Those moments reflect the way you feel about your fiance, even when you can't put those emotions into words.  The films we create are meant to evoke those feelings so when you watch your wedding film ten years from now, you remember exactly how you felt.

A few fun facts about us: I (Devyn) actually went to school for videography. I have a B.A. in Media Production with an emphasis in video. So, a lot of my knowledge actually comes from the professionals! We love to go camping, are addicted to LaCroix and obsessed with Parks and Rec. We never shy away from an adventure and don’t think it’s strange to drive six or more hours for a one night adventure. 

We value people, and one of our favorite things to do is get to know people over a glass of wine or cup of coffee. In fact, we often do one of those two things to get to know our couples before the wedding day! So if you ever want to hang out, drink wine, and talk about Leslie Knope, we’re your people. 

We would define our filming style as cinematic, authentic, and romantic. 

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