Investing in a Videographer

They had asked their friend with a fancy camera to film their wedding. Then two days before, he called and cancelled on them. Luckily, due to some shared connections, my name was passed on to this couple and I was able to step in. These are the situations that break my heart! When couples don’t think investing in a good videographer is worth it, and then are disappointed in the end. After spending months and months planning your big day, I think it’s SO important to be willing to invest in photographers and videographers who are going to give you pictures and videos that you will cherish for years to come. Sure, you can trust your friend with the fancy camera to throw together a video, but I can almost guarantee they won’t use any audio from your vows, ceremony, or speeches and those are the moments that pictures can’t capture (and if your friend doesn't have audio equipment they will miss it!) Weddings are incredibly expensive, I get it. Adam and I tired to keep our costs down as much as possible for the wedding day too! BUT the day flies by and there are so many fleeting moments I guarantee you will want to remember. You’re not just investing in a videographer, you’re investing in a lifetime of being able to relive moments from your wedding day.

For CouplesDevyn Mollica