Kickin' Off the Blog

Hey friends! I just thought I would kick off the blog with a short little post to to introduce myself! I'm Devyn, the face behind Mollica Film Co. I start each morning with a cup of Ruby Coffee and my Bible and end each night with a glass of Cabernet and an episode of Parks & Rec.

I had a crush from afar on my husband Adam in high school, but we didn't become friends until after he was in college. It was an instant friendship, and I always say it was one of the most natural friendships in the world. We were BEST friends within a month, and two months later we admitted it had become something more! Now we are going on two and a half years of marriage, and just moved to the Milwaukee area with our beautiful ginger cat Harrison!

I never thought videography would become something I would do with my life, but it's crazy how natural it feels for me to make films! I am a storyteller at heart and an have eye for detail and I love how videography fits perfectly with those two talents!

That's all for now, but I can't wait to get to know you guys more as I continue to write more blog posts! Until next time, Friends!

Devyn Mollica