Personal Post: The Art of Resting

As I sat near the bay window watching sunshine glimmer through yellow leaves, coffee in hand, puppy sleeping at my feet, I couldn't help but notice the feelings of peace and restoration washing over me. This is how a typical Monday morning looks in the Mollica household.

Anyone that knows Adam and I, knows that Mondays are our sabbath days.  We set Monday apart to be a day where we do nothing but spend time with the Lord. We use this time to rest and refocus ourselves. It's a day that we have found is absolutely vital in our lives and I wanted to share with you why I feel so strongly about the importance of sabbath and why you won't find us participating in that Monday morning hustle. 

Feeling overwhelmed and absurdly busy is a way of life in America. We've decided our lives only matter if we can work our way to the top of the ladder, afford a four bedroom home with a two car garage, and keep the numbers in our salary on the rise. Busyness has become synonymous to importance and we glorify being "important". I don't know about you, but this dream sounds exhausting to me. It sounds like this way of life will only lead to more grasping and clamoring for what we think will bring us satisfaction. If our dreams are to make more money, buy the next cool toy, or finally gain that notoriety we've been craving, it doesn't sound like there is very much margin in that life for rest.

At the end of my life, I want to leave a legacy of a life well-lived and I think that this is true for most people. But I have found, my life is better lived when I am living focused. Have you ever been in a busy airport, where everyone around you is rushing trying to catch their flight? Did you notice how hard it was to focus on what your own mission was? I bet you stepped off to the side of the path so you could pull out your plane ticket or itinerary to figure out where it was you were supposed to be going.

Notice how in that situation, it makes sense to remove yourself from the busyness so you could refocus on your mission? This is the SAME in our lives! This is why sabbath matters!  A quote from Shelby Miller, author of the book Rhythms of Rest, that I love goes like this:

 If we are created with intention by God for a specific purpose, and the way to discover that purpose is through relationship with him, then one way to discover what we are missing in life is through abiding with him on Sabbath.

If we want to stay focused on what it is that God has for our lives, we obviously need to make our relationship with Him a priority. If we look at the life of Jesus, we will notice that He never did anything apart from the Father. He was in constant communion with the Father and because of that, Jesus knew exactly what is was that God had for him. 

In our modern day lives, it's important for us to refocus on our relationship with God every day. But in the rushing and hurrying it's hard and I get that! That's why we take an entire day to do nothing but rest and fix our eyes on Christ. That way, we can jump back into the tasks we need to complete on Tuesday morning but do so with renewed minds and refreshed spirits. 

Devyn Mollica