First Impressions of the Canon C100 Mark II and MOVI M10

A few weeks ago, I waited eagerly by the window because I knew the UPS man was going to be arriving soon. I heard the doorbell ring, and charged down the stairs, each step echoing throughout the whole house. After signing for the package, I couldn't wait to get my gear unpacked and set up. The first day I had my new MOVI M10 and Canon C100 Mark II I wanted to take it out right there and get started with filmmaking, but... it was raining. So, I resorted to walking back and forth in our tiny apartment taking videos of our cat in the dim light. Needless to say, it was not a very exciting first day. 

Fast forward to day number 2 with this equipment, the weather was still pretty gloomy but there was no rain! So I convinced Adam to make the 20 minute drive to South Milwaukee so we could test out the gear at Seven Bridges Park. When we arrived at the park, I turned the camera on, tuned the MOVI and pressed record, only for the camera to say this was an invalid action. Confused, I tried reformatting the card and a few other ideas I had to fix the problem, and nothing! Finally we realized, I had not closed the memory card slot and the camera won't record if you have this open and I was relieved to know that the only reason there had been a hiccup was my own stupidity. Once we got past this silly mistake we were ready to go and I haven't made a mistake this stupid since!

The first thing I noticed when using the MOVI was how smooth it is. I could literally sprint and the gimbals would keep the camera securely in place and locked in position. This allows for incredibly smooth shots. The second thing I noticed was that this set up is a little heavier than my last set up and I think this is going to take some getting used to. It's comfortable to hold until I need to extend my arms up to lift the camera above my head to get shots from there. When I hold it in this position, it's only a matter of minutes until my arms start to burn. This is by no means a problem, and I am definitely going to get used to that very fast, and I think my arms will be incredibly toned by the end of wedding season! :) 

When filming using the C100, I started shooting in C-Log which was a first for me. It was interesting because when you shoot in C-Log, the colors are very grey until you edit in post-production. It allows for a better dynamic range and it ends up looking great but when you are shooting, it takes some getting used to. This is going to allow me to really grow when it comes to post-production color grading! 

I love the way the camera is set-up. Rather than having to go into a million menus to change the ISO or Shutter Speed like I did before, there are buttons right on the side that give me quick and easy access to those functions. I love this! Another aspect of the camera that I love is the control I can have other the audio recording. There are so many more ways to control the audio and it just captures a higher quality when it comes to audio! Right now for interviews I am using a Sennheiser wireless lapel microphone which is super easy to hook up to the camera using an XLR cable. One more thing I love about the camera is that it can record at 60 fps in 1080p HD. When I was using a DSLR I loved shooting 60 fps to slow it down in post, but the camera could only record 60fps at 720p. NOW I have the benefit of 60 fps in 1080p HD!

Two more things I love about the camera- zebra stripes and peaking. YES.

Those are just my first impressions of this new set up, and I can't wait to learn more about this equipment and become better at executing the shots I want with it!

For FilmmakersDevyn Mollica