Historically, November has been one of my favorite months. That's because I love seeing the trees laid bare, I love turning up the jazz music, and I try to take the entire month to just step back and be grateful. SO that's why I am kicking off a new series! This series is going to be super simple. I am just going to share moments that I am thankful for in a list form, no matter how small those moments are! So here we go!

I am thankful for:

steam rising rising from a warm mug in the morning light

yellow leaves that wave hello on every tree outside our apartment

warm blankets huddled close

kitty kisses

MKE worship

weekly dinner with Coral

unity in a city that desperately needs it

Belair tacos with our small group

brown leaves on a wooden floor

provision of a new car

silver moon hung in the sky

potted plants in window sills

the Milwaukee radio station

giving friends the Milwaukee tour

glasses of wine while cooking

golden light on a golden cat

evening drives past the city lights

walking on the Riverwalk with a cup of chai in hand, and two souls I care deeply for

a spare bedroom that can be shared with people who need a place to stay



I also wanted to share one of my favorite songs in the month of November. This is the perfect song to play in the evening while you sip a glass of wine and burn your favorite candle.