Corporate Video: FarmLogs

Did you know that I do corporate and business videos?! Welp. I do! It's such a fun change of pace and I love working closely with marketing teams to create something we all love! Working with FarmLogs has been an absolute dream. A quote from their CEO perfectly sums it up:

"The FarmLogs team is a group of people who are incredibly passionate about the opportunity to improve the way that farming works."

Every employee I have met has been bursting with excitement and passion about what their company is doing. I love making videos for FarmLogs because their excitement and passion is contagious! They make me LOVE creating corporate videos! I also strongly believe in what FarmLogs is doing as a company. I love their innovative approach to technology and farming, and the farmer they work with love it too!

This summer I got to join the FarmLogs team on their Summer Roadshow where we traveled across the country to visit the farmer they work with. One thing that really struck me about FarmLogs was how much they cared about their farmers. They actually wanted to know what the farmers thought of their product, and they seriously take into consideration every suggestion that a farmer has! 

I am so thrilled to continue working with FarmLogs and cannot wait for the upcoming User Conference this January! Check out this video to learn more about what happens at the FarmLogs office!