So You're Thinking About Hiring a Wedding Videographer...

If you're visiting this site, it's likely that you are doing so because you are considering hiring a videographer for your wedding. If you're reading this post, it's likely that you are doing so because you're not actually sure that you want to hire a videographer yet. Friends, that is totally fine! I understand where you are coming from! 

When Adam and I got married, we were two 21 year old babies on a budget. Yes, we got married at the ages of 21 and 22- call us crazy but it was right for us! Because we got married so young we had a very small budget for our wedding. Let me emphasize, the words very small. Like our total budget was the same price that some people pay just for the wedding dress alone! But the one part of the day we did invest a lot of money in was the part that we would have for years to come to be able to remember the day.

Here are a few reasons I think hiring a wedding videographer is so important. 

1) The day goes by in a flash.  The day goes so fast so you will want someone there to film the moments you won't remember two and a half years later. You'll want to relive some of the moments that are going to slip your mind. You spend months planning the day and before you know it, it will be over. You will love having a video that you can watch again and again to remember some of the moments you may forget. The other thing, is that there are some moments you wont even see as a bride or groom! You might miss the way your bridesmaids' faces look when you put on the dress, or you might not see the flower girl walking down the aisle. A video can capture those moments so you can take part in every aspect of the wedding day. Plus, a bonus feature is drone footage. No one gets to see what their beautiful venue looks like from the air unless a drone is there to capture it for you- and drone shots are pretty epic if you ask me!!

2) Wedding videos are easily shareable. No matter how many people you invite to your wedding, there will always be people you care about that can't make it. I can't tell you how many times people have commented on my videos that when they watched the film it made them feel like they were there. With social media being so prevalent, when wedding films are shared on Facebook, it's easy for your friends and family to share in the joys and emotions of your wedding day, even if they weren't able to make it to the actual wedding. 

3) Wedding videos capture sound and motion. I love wedding pictures. My own wedding photographer was an absolute gem who provided us with photos that we absolutely love and cherish! However, videography does something that pictures just can't and that is capturing sound and motion. There is just something about being able to hear your spouse's vows while you watch your first kiss as a married couple, or to see the tears in your maid of honor's eyes as she gives her speech. There is also something so beautiful about being able to see the way your dress moves when you twirl or walk or run, or to see the way your new husband or wife looks at you when you aren't actually posing for a picture (I like to keep my camera rolling between those posed shots to catch those glimpses!)

*3 1/2) I've notice a trend with videographers to take out all of the audio from the day and slap a love song on top of the footage they captured. Friends, I'm here to tell you this is a cop-out. There is so much more to your love story than an overused sappy song! If you're going to hire a videographer, ask them about how they are going to capture audio, and if they don't include anything in the video from your ceremony or speeches or something, get the heck outta there! You want someone that is going to do more than give you a glorified slide show. You want someone that is going to actually capture your vows or speeches, those moments are so special!

4) Wedding videos capture the emotion of the day and your story. Your love story is important and beautiful. Most love stories are also incredibly emotional! One thing I love about wedding videos is that they are able to capture the emotions that were felt on the wedding day. When watching the film you'll cry, laugh, and everything in between! While I said in number 3 1/2 that it's a cop-out to set the footage to nothing but a love song, it's not a cop-out to combine the footage from the day, the vows/officiant/speeches or whatever other audio is important, and a carefully curated song, to really bring out the emotions of the day. 


I am so excited to get started on the 2017 wedding season in just a few months! If you haven't hired a videographer for you wedding yet, it's not too late. I implore you to look into hiring a wedding videographer! A recent survey conducted by the Wedding and Event Videographers Association found that 98% of newlywed couples recommend to future brides that they SHOULD have a wedding videographer. 98%, people! If that's not convincing, I don't know what is. I have heard from so many couples that one of their biggest regrets from their wedding day was not hiring a videographer. Ultimately, you know what is best for you and your fiance. Only you can decide if you want a videographer on your big day or not. Just know that I am here for you if you do decide to hire a videographer!