Last week I started a new series on the blog where I'll be sharing things I am thankful for in my life. This might be big things, or they might be small moments that often seem insignificant. Anyway, the posts are simple and I basically will just be sharing the things I am thankful for in list form. I'll also be sharing a song at the end of each of the posts that I've either been listening to a lot or that just seems appropriate for the time of year! So here's installment 2 of the Thankful series!

12 people packed in a warm apartment

sitting around a table with people I care deeply for

new friends! 

turning the heat on in the car

seeing the city from our window

empty trees

a candle that smells like home

Christmas lights

clean sheets

candle sticks

slow mornings with coffee in bed

Mango LaCroix

plans falling into place