Nick + Meghan: A Baby Announcement

If you have been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you saw me share this short video. The other week I had the privilege of putting this together for my absolute BEST friend in the world! She told me they were expecting sometime back in October and the moment she shared this with me I was in tears because I am SO thrilled for these two! I have watched these two grow in their relationship for the last six or so years. I have loved seeing the ways they have challenged one another, pursued one another, and loved each other in a sacrificial way. 


I had such a fun time making this video. Wisconsin had just been hit with a major snowstorm the night before we filmed this. I had to drive from Milwaukee to Lacrosse that morning, which I must admit was pretty stressful since I saw more than a few cars in the ditch! Slow and steady wins the race though, am I right?! While the snow made the drive less than enjoyable, it made for a gorgeous backdrop for this video. When we made this, it was just the three of us (plus Bruce Wayne) and we had to keep the baby sign hidden from every shot except the reveal shot- which meant I walked around like this for the duration of filming!

2017-01-11 05.00.56 1.jpg


I try to make shoots like this as laid back as possible, because I want the people I'm filming to be as comfortable and natural as possible. I know being on camera can be a challenge for some people so I make sure they feel relaxed! This allows for better shots for me, and a more fun experience for the people on camera. I know this was a success because at the end of the shoot, Nick, who had been a little nervous about being in front of the camera at first, said "That wasn't bad at all! And you only made us frolic through the fields once!" Boom. That's what I like to hear!

Anyway, for those of you who may have missed the video, it can be found below! I'm so excited for what's to come in this next stage of life for Nick + Meghan. They are going to be the best parents!!! I cannot wait to meet their little one this June!