The Email Club

If you've been hanging around Mollica Film Co. for the last couple of weeks, you know that I started a bi-weekly email club! That means that every other Tuesday, I send out an email to anyone who has subscribed to my email list. I wanted to write up a short little blog post about it because you might be wondering why in the world you would want to sign up to receive emails from me. 

Well friends, one of the first reasons is simply to stay connected. I love developing personal relationships with the people I work with or interact with online. I think an email list can help us stay connected! It's more than me sending out the bi-weekly emails, I want to hear from you in return! If there is ever anything that resonates with you, send me a response! I'd love to hear your thoughts as well!

The second, is that I share tips, encouragement and updates through the emails I send out. Even if you're not planning a wedding, or in the wedding industry, I promise there will still be emails you connect with. 

And third, my email list will be the first to know about any exciting news or changes happening with Mollica Film Co. That means you'll know about some pretty exciting announcements before anyone else!


If any of this sounds like something you're interested in joining, signing up is easy. Just go to to sign up! Can't wait for you to join me in my little corner of the internet!