A Little Tuesday Morning Inspiration

Hey friends, I just wanted to share with you a few videos that have been really inspiring for me lately. A couple of weeks ago, I was in a rut when it comes to editing. I was feeling pretty uninspired which led to me being unmotivated. One thing I did to combat that uninspired feeling was to watch a few videos that I think are really beautiful. This helped me remember some of the reasons I fell in love with videography in the first place. Since I think these videos are too beautiful not to share, I'm giving you all three of the videos I watched.


The first is a song and music video by James Blake and Bon Iver. I first heard this song on the Milwaukee radio and loved it instantly. But when I found the music video I could not look away. It's just so mesmerizing, unique, and gorgeous. This song makes me feel emotions I didn't even know I had.




The second video is a short film by Ian Derry that I first found through National Geographic. I just love the imagery and sound design, although if you're at all claustrophobic you probably won't like this one. It's a short film about an arctic free diver and it's stunning. 




And the third is a video that was more of a spiritual inspiration to me. I am not kidding, I sobbed through the entire thing.  Grab some tissues before you watch this one.




I hope you think all three of these videos are as gorgeous as I do! If you want more information and tips about how to stay inspired in an uninspiring season, sigh up for my email list here:



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