A Love Story at Cave Point Park

Do you guys remember way back in February when I hosted a giveaway for a Love Story Session?? Well, today I am finally sharing that film with you! It's the first of it's kind here at Mollica Films. We hope that by sharing this film, more people will feel inspired to work with us for anniversary or engagement films.

Because there is something truly special about sharing your love story through video. I think you'll agree when you watch this love story session! 

Michael and Mackenzie have a super unique story. They met at a Bible study in January of 2016, although Michael says they met months before that :). They had a lot of mutual friends, so they would see each other from time to time. He reached out to Mackenzie a few times to hang out one on one, but she kept blowing him off! 

Finally, in September 2016, she agreed to hang out with him. For their first date, they went for a walk around downtown Appleton and in the middle of their walk, it started pouring. Michael made sure Mackenzie stayed dry by leading her through secret doors throughout downtown Appleton (so romantic!) Still, Mackenzie was a a little hesitant and unsure about her feelings towards Michael. 

After giving it more thought, and spending time praying about her feelings towards Michael, Mackenzie decided to to jump in and give Michael a shot. Not long after, they started dating officially (in October to be exact!) According to both of them, this relationship felt completely different than any relationship they had been in before.

In November, they started talking about marriage. Mackenzie told me that it felt crazy, but she had prayed for years that God would put her heart in the hands of a man who would hold it gently and carefully and she felt immense peace that Michael was that man. Their relationship felt so right to both of them, and at this point in their time together, they already knew they were meant to be together. 

On December 23, 2016 they were driving to Michigan to have Christmas with Mackenzie's family. They stopped along Lake Michigan to walk on a beach they had had one of their first dates at, and Michael proposed!

Then, on February 3, 2017, they were married!

Talk about a whirlwind of a romantic story! You don't hear of people falling in love so quickly very often, so I LOVE that Michael + Mackenzie's story is unique in that way. Their story is so romantic to me, I love it!

Enjoy their short film, the ending is the sweetest ending ever. It brings tears to my eyes every time with it's simplicity and sweetness.

(Be sure to select 4K if you are watching this on a desktop or laptop! If you have trouble loading it, you can bring it back down to 1080pHD)