Influential Women: Mindy Larsen

This week I am featuring Mindy Larsen in the Influential Women Series. Somehow Mindy and I connected  through Instagram and bonded over the fact that her family routinely goes up to a cabin in Waupaca, WI to stay on the Chain O' Lakes. I think our first conversations were about how much we love the crystal clear waters of the Chain! We finally met in person after having an Instagram friendship for a few months when I moved down to the Milwaukee area. I have loved following along on her journey as a writer and blogger. (Her blog can be found at So excited to be sharing more about her today!

Interview with Mindy

Tell us a little about yourself:

Hello!  I’m Mindy.  I’m a 31-year-old wife, kitty mama and writer.  I live in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with my college sweetheart, Chris and our fur baby, Finn.  We’ve been married for 5 and a half years and time is flying by.  Here are a few random facts about who I am. 

1) I love donuts; my favorite kind lately is a raised sprinkle donut from Cranky Al’s.  Pair that with a decaf honey latté and I am in heaven. 

2) I have been a follower of Jesus for as long as I can remember.  I can’t imagine life without Him.  

3) In my free time I like to cuddle on the couch with my hubby while binging on Netflix, play volleyball, try a new restaurant or fancy cocktail, read, and laugh with family or friends. 

4) My all time favorite show is Friends.  It still makes me laugh even though I have seen every episode a million times. 

5) I struggle with anxiety. 


Describe the job you have right now: 

Writing has always been a love of mine, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started focusing on it full time.  What that looks like is: writing regularly on my blog (, submitting articles for publication, and beginning work on my memoir.  Right now my job is completely unpaid – but I have hopes of that changing in the future.  

As far as a day-to-day description of my job, this is still something I am figuring out, as every day is a bit different.  But, what I can tell you is, it’s a lot of brainwork. Coming up with ideas, researching and studying, finding publications to submit to, writing articles, posts, or pitches, hours of revision, and then tack on the social media aspect – some days I feel like I’m trying to run my own empire.  Hah. 

It’s challenging, but I love it and am so blessed that my husband is so supportive as I navigate this new adventure.  


In what ways does your job impact the community or the people you encounter through your job?

My goal every time I write is to write words that encourage others and point them towards Jesus.  I hope that by sharing my own highs and lows, and speaking the truth in love – my readers will walk away encouraged that they are not alone, and confident that there is hope in the One who loves us through it all.  

It is a blessing to receive comments or emails from my readers; I love hearing about how they were personally impacted or encouraged by the words I wrote. 


Do you think your job is the primary way you have influence?  Or are there things you are involved in outside of your job that have a greater impact on the community or people you encounter?  

Yes and no.  I think my writing is a significant way I can influence my community as well as others who stumble upon my articles or posts.  But, being present in my real life community, knowing their hearts, joys and struggles and encouraging them through it all is the most important way I can be influential.   One of the blessings of not working a strict 9-5 is that my schedule is really flexible – this gives me the unique opportunity to be available when someone needs help with something or simply needs encouragement over a cup of coffee. 



What do you consider to be the most important way you are impacting your community or the people you encounter?

I think the most important way I can impact my community is by speaking the truth in love.  What I mean by that is, sharing the stories in my life in a truthful and loving way.  Whether it be writing about something the Lord is teaching me, or helping a friend wrestle with a decision, I want to communicate with truth and with love.  


What challenges do you face in relation to your involvement in the community/or people you encounter?

My biggest challenges right now are figuring out what my day-to-day schedule looks like as a writer, and determining the best way to get my words out there.  Being a writer is a very solitary job.  I’m not working in an office surrounded by a community of people who are working on the same thing – so in a lot of ways it feels like I am figuring everything out on my own.  


What joys do you experience in relation to your involvement in the community/people?

The greatest joy that I experience as a writer is hearing that someone was encouraged by words that I wrote.  One of my favorite experiences was writing for an online publication, (in)courage.  They are a well-known Christian community all about encouraging women and pointing them towards the Lord (which fits perfectly with my heart for writing). What I loved was, their community is extremely interactive through comments.  Hearing that the words I shared were exactly what they needed that day, or that the Lord spoke to them through my words, or that they loved knowing someone else struggled in the same way – that brought me incredible affirmation and joy.  


What drives you?

I write because of the Lord.  I believe that He is the one who gave me this passion, and wants me to use my story, to tell His story. 


What goals do you have in the future?

My biggest goal is to write a book.  I am in the baby stages of writing a memoir and I am so excited (and terrified) to begin this process.  In the meantime, my goal is to grow my following as I write on my blog, submit articles for various publications, and connect with others through Instagram (


What do you hope for your legacy to be when it comes to impacting your community/other people? 

Ultimately, I want my legacy to be less about me and more about the Lord.  I want my community to know that they are loved and valued by a God who wants them to be a part of His story. 





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