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A few weeks ago, Adam and I had a crazy double header weekend. The real kicker was that the wedding on Saturday was here in Wisconsin, and the wedding on Sunday was in Seattle. Everything with transitioning between weddings went SO smoothly, and I'm so excited to share both of those wedding films with you in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

After the Seattle wedding, Adam and I stayed in Washington for a couple of extra days so we could explore and relax, and it ended up being the BEST trip we have ever taken together. (We have even said that it beat our honeymoon!)

So, I wanted to share with you guys what we did on during our stay in Washington!


The day after the wedding we drove back into the city of Seattle and spent the morning exploring downtown. The first place we stopped was La Marzocco Cafe. It had been recommended to us by multiple people, so we knew it had to be the coffee shop to stop at. I know Seattle is the city of coffee, and we love coffee, but we really didn't want to spend all of our time stopping at different coffee shops. So we picked ONE and this was it. 

Our next stop was the Pike Place Market. To be honest, I didn't have very high expectations for the market. I knew it was a popular tourist destination but I wasn't too hyped about it. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised! The one thing that really surprised me was how big it was. I had no idea it was so large, and it seemed like we just kept finding more and more shops the longer we walked.

My favorite shop was a shop that wasn't even open at the time and I think it was my favorite because of how peaceful it was. It was a combination of a storefront, and art studio, and when I looked in the door, I literally stopped in my tracks. The windows on the back side of the studio looked out on the water and the overcast sky created a perfectly lit room. The walls were lined with pen and ink art work, and in the corner was a huge drafting table with papers and pens still scattered across it. It was the kind of room you could spend hours in and still feel inspired by the end. 

My other favorite stop at the market was Rachel's Ginger Beer. It was across the street from the iconic market sign and the white cement walls combined with greenery hanging from the ceiling made it the perfect kind of hip. Adam and I shared an Irish Mule which was hands down the BEST I've ever had. I would definitely recommend this place if you are ever in Seattle!

After our visit to the market, we took our rental car and set out for the ferry to Bainbridge Island. We loved the ferry. It was freaking HUGE and so fun to stand on the very front being pulled in all directions by the wind overlooking the Puget Sound. A dream, ya'll!



Our favorite part of the trip was definitely the time we spent in the Olympic Peninsula. We took the ferry and drove across Bainbridge Island (stopping at Bainbridge Brewery for a beer!) to a tiny town called Quilcene. Quilcene itself was quiant and adorable, it feels like less than 50 people live there. The town basically consists of two restaurants and a bunch of tiny shops (literally shops in tiny houses) like this one we stopped at for coffee:

The airbnb is a tiny house on a 5 acre property. It sits adjacent to the home of the host, Brian, but it feels very private and secluded. To get there, you have to take a gravel road up a steep hill, as the property is on the very top of the hill.

If you want to see some pictures of the airbnb we stayed at, you can see those here:

Brian was a wonderful host, from the moment we arrived we felt so relaxed and welcome. We were greeted with a bottle of wine and a note detailing the cottage and what to expect in staying there. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the deck drinking wine, overlooking the greenest foliage I've ever seen, watching cows meander way at the bottom of the hill. This night, though it was the most calm and arguably the least exciting of the whole trip, was actually my favorite. I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time. 

The next morning, Brian made us breakfast which he delivered to the cottage. He made us a frittata using local eggs and cheddar cheese, home fries using local and organic multi-colored potatoes, organic sourdough toast, and fruit. It was absolutely delicious!

We also loved getting to know Brian while we were there. We spent quite a bit of time throughout our stay on the property just chatting with him, and it was wonderful!



During the rest of our time in Washington, we explored Olympic National Park. We met up with two photographers who are from Washington and spent the day with them.  Do you ever meet those people who you instantly feel a connection with? That's how Adam and I felt about Ben and Cameron. We said after the day was over that it really felt like we had just spent the whole day with friends we had known for years

Our first stop in Olympic National Park was Hurricane Ridge. We were in love with the views at the top, you could see mountains in almost every direction!  We spent a few hours here walking around and taking pictures.

The next stop we made was Lake Crescent. We stopped by a ranger station/dock area which is apparently a really popular place to take pictures. As we were taking a few in a field of flowers, we looked over and saw a HUGE crowd of tourists taking photos of us getting our picture taken. It was one of those moments that you cannot help but cry from laughing so hard. 

We moved on to the next stop which was the Lake Crescent Lodge area. It was so gorgeous! The lodge was beautiful and the perfect combination of cozy yet fancy. We walked down the shoreline for a bit, and then decided to actually get IN the water in our clothes to take pictures. It was SO cold. But, it was totally worth it, because I am all about experiencing as much as I can, and now I can say I have been in Lake Crescent. 

After all of these adventures, all four of us were starving. Cameron kept talking about Costco pizza and how it was the best pizza in the world, so when we left Lake Crescent we literally drove to Costco just to eat their pizza. Too funny. Although, I will admit, Cameron was right! 

If you are interested in seeing Ben or Cameron's work, you can find them here:

Benjamin Robyn:

Insta: @benjaminrobyn


Cameron Lee Anderon:

Insta: @cameronleeanderon 


Trip Take-Away

Our short trip to Washington was everything my heart needed. I’ve come to realize that traveling is wonderful for many reasons, but the thing I love most about it is not the new scenery you see, the foods you try, or the pictures you come home with. It’s the people you're with and the people you meet that make traveling so meaningful. I absolutely loved getting to know Brian, Ben, and Cameron. It was really the best part of the whole trip. 




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