A Woodsy Wisconsin Wedding

Chills. Every time. I cannot watch this video without getting chills. Maybe it’s because I’ve known McKenna since I was in fourth grade. Maybe it’s because the way these two look at each other is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I don't know, but I love it! David + McKenna were married in Waupaca on an overcast and somewhat chilly day. They were surrounded by their closest friends and family as they celebrated their commitment to each other!

David + McKenna met at Scholarship Recognition Weekend at their college, Colorado Christian University, in April of 2013. At that point, they hadn't even started school yet, but I remember that summer after the scholarship recognition they Skyped almost every day (I have basically been an addition to the Plunkett family since fourth grade, so I was at their house often that summer). In the best man speech, David's friend shared that during the summer of 2013 when David and McKenna spent all that time talking to each other, David already knew he was going to marry McKenna. They began dating September 2nd, 2013 when they arrived at school and have been adventuring together ever since.

In their time together, they enjoy adventures of all kinds. When living in Colorado, they would go on driving trips in the mountains, go on hikes, fishing, and have fires at Daniel's Park. Now that they are married, they have moved to Cleveland, Ohio so McKenna can continue in her career and David can pursue something in law enforcement or marketing!

What these two have is something special. You really don't find a love like this very often! The way David looks at McKenna is honestly unlike anything I've seen in all my time interacting with couples. SO romantic. On their wedding day, David was walking around the church getting ready and it was apparent that he was pretty nervous. When we asked him why he was feeling so nervous he responded with: "Because McKenna is SO amazing. I can't believe I am marrying someone so amazing and I'm nervous that I'll lose it when I see her." Like I said, so romantic. Oh, and I guess you'll have to watch the video so see whether or not David lost it when he saw McKenna ;). 


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Videography: Mollica Films

Photography: RMT Photography

Venues: Faith Community Church and Indian Crossing Casino

Florals: Premiere Petals

Bakery: Main Grain Bakery

Hair and Nails: Blue Angel Salon (and special shot-out to Jamie for letting us use the ballroom above Blue Angel for McKenna to put the dress on!)

DJ: Tim Dorsey with Dorsey Entertainment

Music:  licensed through the music bed

Light + Breath by Dustin Lau and Prism by Longlake