A Green and Glam wedding in Washington

Griffin and Kate met at college. They were both in a scholarship group together, so they saw each other often. Since they were both from out of state, they would see each other every year when they spent Easter in the same home. They didn't really hit it off there, but it was where their friendship began.

On Valentine's Day 2015 they were both going up north to a friends cabin for the long weekend, and Griffin decided to stay back and wait for Kate so she didn't have to drive up alone. From that day on he continued to pursue Kate as a friend, and then made his intentions clear.

They started dating 2 days before I graduated, and then she left for Africa two weeks after and it was the first time she realized how she really felt about him. While on the trip, she couldn't wait to get home to see him. She had never felt that way about anyone, and they ended up having the BEST summer of together when she returned to the states. From their, their love only grew!

Their wedding day was unusually sunny for Washington. We kept commenting about how surprised we were that the sun was out all day! The thing I loved most about Kate and Griffin's day was that they were so focused on how the Lord is at the center of their relationship. After their first look, they snuck away from the cameras to pray together before the rest of the day. I can't say enough about how genuine these two people are. So thankful to have been there to capture their day!