Free Teasers for everyone!

Today's blog post is short. I am really just popping by to share with you an announcement I've been thinking about for a while now!


We are adding teaser videos to every Mollica Films wedding package. It doesn't matter if you get our lightest package or our most luxurious, no matter what, you will get a teaser video. I am so excited about this because teaser videos are fun and I really enjoy making them. Plus, they will be released much sooner than our short films so you and your guests who are itching to see a video from your wedding will get to very shortly after the wedding takes place! We'll be doing a teaser for every wedding we have left to release in 2017 and will be adding them for free to all 2018 wedding packages. I feel like Oprah giving away free stuff right now. 


If you're wondering what a teaser is, check these two out to get an idea!

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