A Detailed Wedding at The Lagaret | Kat + Mike | Short Film

We felt so honored to capture Kat and Mike’s wedding day this summer. Every detail was perfect and it was clear that so much thought went into each choice that Kat and Mike made for their day. We especially loved all of the surprise dances that took place at the reception!

Here are some words from Kat and Mike about their wedding day:

How do you describe your wedding day to people when they ask how it was?

Mike: Wedding was an out of body experience that seemed very surreal. Not only did we get to spend the day with all of our friends and family, we got to live in the moment. We got to have fun and enjoy the day with each other.

Kat: As cliche as this sounds - it was absolutely perfect. No, not everything went as planned, but being in that moment of love, life, and bliss with Michael and everyone who I loved made it every hiccup and bridezilla moment seem so minuscule. 

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

Mike: Favorite part was the first look. I got to see my beautiful bride for the first time. I had wanted to wait until the day of the wedding to see anything wedding related like the dress and makeup. I was speechless at how beautiful she was in her dress.

Kat: Getting the feels when reading Mike's letter to me, seeing everyone have a fun time and just being with them, the surprise dance Mike and the bridesmaids did!, the surprise bouquet and note Mike got me, and soaking every moment with Mike. Also, during the day, we noticed family drama was going to be inevitable, so we made a game to call out any dramatic thing and the call out count would equate the amount of shots the other person [who didn't catch the dramatic thing first] had to drink at the end of the night. By the end of the night, we probably both drank the sum of the call outs, but it was how we were able to turn shitty times around in a snap.

Were there any funny memories you still laugh about from the day?

Mike: I thought it was funny when Kat got really mad at my friend Bryan for taking the baby picture of me that was the sign for the men's room. And when Kat's dad was smoking the cigar, he told the story about how he quit smoking over 20 years ago because Larayne (Kat's sister) said it was bad for him... then Larayne came outside and started smoking the cigar.

- I had major bitch face during the ceremony when the priest read different wedding vows than the one we decided on - I didn't realize it until the day after the wedding when I saw snap chats. 
- My friend carried around a "wine baby" [bottle of wine]

- My cousin has some serious rave + dance moves that my fam was not expecting

- My friend thought the bridal suite was the "vip room" and missed the sparklers

- Our bus ride back to the hotel with all of our guests - we walked around the bus pouring liquor into everyone's mouth while chanting their names

- How my grandma's 2 favorite memories of the day had nothing to do with me LOL too funny

- Practicing the dance with my parents prior to the wedding - oyvey 

- Plus the ones Mike mentioned lol

Do you have any advice for people who may be planning their wedding now?

Mike: plan plan plan. And then let loose the day of your wedding. Don't stress out.

Kat: Here are some tips I shared with my coworker a couple of weeks after our wedding for her September wedding: 
- assign all day-of events, tasks, and details to someone (or multiple people) you can trust so you won’t have to worry about a single thing on the day of
- hold off with drinking so that you don’t time warp. the day is short enough! you want to remember every second!
- choose a meal entree that’s easy to eat (ie you don’t have to use a knife for) and eat it!
- ask someone to save you desserts or any of the treats you may not get a hold of - you’ll be pulled in all directions during the reception
- soak in every moment of the day with your partner

- [if time permits] pre-marital counseling - I was so resistant towards the required Catholic pre-cana, but that ended up being one of the top things i suggest all couples to go through. it was so heart-opening and enriching for the both of us which really helped with the stress of wedding planning.