A Classic and Elegant Catholic Wedding | Short Film | Matt + Jessica

Matt and Jessica had a classic and elegant wedding day! It was out first ever Latin Catholic Mass and that was followed by a gorgeous reception at the Wisconsin Club.

A few words from Jessica and Matt about their wedding day:

Our favorite part of the day was our ceremony. We carefully picked all our music and arranged all the clergy that attended and the culmination of it all was an incredible for us!

We still make jokes about how determined Matt was to eat his full meal before the night was over. Every free second he got he would sneak over to the table to take bites. Finally around 11:00 or so he was able to grab his plate and sit and finish it. Hot or cold, it didn't matter for him! 

Our advice for people planning their wedding now would be: don't sweat the small stuff, you won't have much time to think about them on the day anyway. Don't over plan the timeline for the day of. You want it to be relaxing and fun, not regimented and busy. It will help make the day slow down a bit so you can enjoy it!