Windy and Romantic Wedding at The Waters | Short Film | Nick + Haley

Today we are sharing the windiest wedding we have been part of to date! But honestly, wind is so romantic to me! Nic and Haley shared a beautiful day together at The Waters in Oshkosh, WI. Their day was windy, romantic, and a blast! There was SO much laughter shared that day.

When asked about their wedding day, Nic and Haley shared these thoughts with us:

How do you describe your wedding day to people when they ask how it was?

From our ceremony to the reception we both thought our wedding was very personable and romantic. We were blessed to be surrounded by our closest friends and family who have watched our almost 5 year relationship grow and we feel like that really showed in the fun and laughter we were able to share with each guest.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

We both agree our favorite part of the wedding were the times spent together. Since there is so much going on in one day that seems to fly by and you're pulled 100 different directions the down time we had together where we could just laugh and enjoy each other was our favorite.

Were there any funny memories you still laugh about from the day?

There's a tie. The fact that we completely forgot about the boutonnieres on the wedding day BUT we were able to make good use out of them at dinner the next night with family and close friends. Also, the wind! Looking back at pictures you can still feel the laughter we shared watching each others hair go a million different ways and losing my veil at the ceremony. 

Do you have any advice for people who may be planning their wedding now?

Enjoy every minute of planning as it goes so fast! Also soak in every second of your wedding day because you basically blink and its over.

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