A Dreamy Wedding at The Enchanted Barn | Short Film | Chelsie and Tom

Chelsie and Tom had the dreamiest wedding of all time. Every detail was gorgeous and it was the perfect combination of romantic and whimsical but relaxed and laid-back. They had a never-ending cocktail hour which flowed naturally into their dance party. As beautiful and perfect as their wedding day was, my favorite part of their day was when they shared their vows. They were so heartfelt and touching and I can safely say it brought everyone to tears. Their love for each other was SO apparent all throughout the day.

When asked about their day, Chelsie and Tom had this to say:

How do you describe your wedding day to people when they ask how it was?

Non-traditional, meaningful, and authentic.

The ceremony was very emotional and meaningful for both of us. We’ve been together for a long time and this is what we’d been working towards. So it was important to us both, that the ceremony truly reflect us as a couple and the step we were taking into marriage. Every time we talked about the ceremony leading up to the day we agreed we wanted it to be meaningful and not something we breezed through, just to get to the reception portion. Not that the reception wasn’t epic.

Post ceremony all the way up until the last song was a major party vibe! Pizza, beer, and lots of dancing. It was the best party we’ve ever thrown. It wasn’t a traditional sit down dinner or menu, but it was authentic to us and a great time for all.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

We both agree that our favorite part of the day was our ceremony. We were pretty nervous about it in general considering our original officiant had cancelled on us three days before the big day. My maid of honor’s mom ended up filling in as officiant last minute. She did such a beautiful job and I can’t imagine it any other way. Everything happens for a reason and we are both SO grateful for her helping us create such a meaningful ceremony.

Were there any funny memories you still laugh about from the day?

Tom stage diving and crowd surfing at the end of the night was definitely a highlight. Especially, because of how quickly it happened. He just decided he was going to jump off the stage, didn’t even seem like there were enough people to catch him, but it worked out! Nobody was injured and it turned into a great crowd surf success! 

Do you have any advice for people who may be planning their wedding now?

Hire a wedding planner or at least a day of wedding coordinator that knows how you want all your details, because you won’t have the time to do those little things. We didn’t have one, but I wish we had. It’s hard to be present, enjoy everything, and be the point person of the day. A wedding planner would have been nice to alleviate some of that. It’s an added expense, but I think can be so worth it.


Videographer: Mollica Films

Photographer: Meghan Lee Harris

Floral: Jennifer Joyce Design

DJ: Pulse Entertainment

My dress is by “Emmy Mae” and the boutique is Bucci’s Bridal

Catering: The Enchanted Barn

Invitations: Minted

Dessert: Norske Nook

Hair stylist: Samantha Mickelson

Makeup: Lady Vamp Artistry