Chicago History Museum Wedding | Short Film | Ashley + Mike

The 2018 wedding season ended with a bang when we celebrated with Ashley and Mike! Their wedding day was so unique and elegant as they opted for an evening ceremony in the Chicago History Museum.

When asked about their wedding day, Mike and Ashley had this to share:

How do you describe your wedding day to people when they ask how it was? 

I honestly keep saying it was perfect- and not in the sense of it being perfect in comparison to other weddings, but that it was everything we could have imagined and more. 

What was your favorite part of the wedding day? 

We both agree that our favorite part of the day was our first look and having some alone time before everything really started up.  

Were there any funny memories you still laugh about from the day? 

Both of our parent's speeches- I had so many people comment on how much they loved my mom after her speech and it definitely had me laughing/crying. Also, our ring bearer (2 yrs) and youngest flower girl (1.5yrs) met and were like a little couple in love which was funny and adorable to see.

Do you have any advice for people who may be planning their wedding now? 

Start as early as you can, so you're not rushed with any decisions and ask for recommendations and samples for vendors so you can make a choice that you both know you will be happy with when the day comes. We (or maybe mostly me, haha) followed our vendors on social media and then found ourselves getting more and more excited for seeing how they would all be for our wedding. We wouldn't have changed a thing about anything!