Three Reasons for a First Look

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Reasons to have a first look on your wedding day: I think their faces say it all! I'm definitely pro-first look for a few reasons.

1. On a practical level it gives us more time to film the bridal party and the couple portraits if we start them after a first look. The day can often feel less rushed for everyone involved if we are doing some of that stuff before the ceremony.

2. It helps with the nerves! Generally speaking, brides and grooms get nervous on their wedding day. Usually when they can see each other before the ceremony it takes away the nervousness they had been feeling before and they can spend the rest of the day celebrating together.

3. (and my favorite reason), is that it's so much more intimate. It's usually JUST the bride and groom and then the photographer and videographer off to the side. It's a moment shared just between the two of you. You can fully express your emotions without having your entire guest list staring at your faces.

It's definitely up to you to decide whether or not you want to have a first look. I totally get it if you're super traditional and want to wait until you walk down that aisle! I'm just here to share my thoughts on why we love them, but there's absolutely no reason you have to listen to me. However, it is worth at least discussing with your fiance to see what is going to be the best fit for you!