What It's Like to Work With Mollica Films

Today on the blog we are interviewing one of our past couples! We filmed Ashley + Kyle’s wedding way back in 2017 and we wanted to give them an opportunity to share with you what it was like to work with us on a wedding day!

Ashley + Kyle’s Teaser

Ashley + Kyle’s Short Film

What were some fears you had about hiring a videographer?

The number one fear I had about choosing a videographer was the cost—if I truly needed a wedding video and if it would be worth my money. I was fearful that we would have a glorified slideshow to cheesy music as a video.

Did working with Mollica Films alleviate those fears?

Mollica films 100% alleviated our fears. Her work speaks for itself—each teaser and film is unique to each couple. You will rarely see similar videos. After looking through her different videos, I knew we would get something unique and special to our day. In addition, talking with Devyn (and Adam) before the big day, reinforced this, we were put at ease and knew we made the best decision in hiring them to capture our day.

Did you always want a videographer for your wedding day? Why or why not? What changed your mind?

I actually did not always want a videographer for our wedding day! I, like many brides and grooms, thought that this was an area we could save some money. However, there was something nagging at me on the inside that told me that I would regret not having one. I stumbled across Mollica Films on social media and reached out to Devyn to inquire. I asked her many questions and kept her waiting (probably a little too long!) on my decision. She was so kind and answered all of my questions openly and honestly. So Devyn was the one to change my mind! Her work coupled with her kindness convinced me that I was in good hands with her capturing our day 

What was it like working with Mollica Films on your wedding day? Give us all the details!

Working with Mollica Films on the wedding day was fantastic! Devyn and her husband, Adam made working with them an absolute breeze. We first met with them before the wedding day, getting to know them personally and discuss our wedding day was one of my favorite things about working with them! We also communicated about timeline, etc prior to the day—it made me have full confidence that things were going to go smoothly. Devyn was open to all suggestions and locations. We got married in a church, and as many may have experienced, that included multiple different locations for the day (getting ready at the hotel, the church, the trolley to pictures, pictures and the venue!) and Devyn and Adam were willing and eager to be at each place to capture each part of our day. During the wedding day they were amazing. They faded into the background, giving the best suggestions in regards to placement, lighting, etc when they felt necessary. They worked wonderfully with our photographer and other vendors day of. Simply, Devyn goes above and beyond in her work, including day of the wedding—she is there to capture your wedding day and your story and she does everything she can to do so. It is easy to be in the rush of the day, or be eager to get to the reception, but I highly recommend listening to Devyn’s suggestions, chances are they will look fantastic.

Were there any expectations you had for the wedding that Mollica Films did not meet?

There was not a single expectation that Mollica Films did not meet!

(Devyn here, y’all I almost feel bad about including this once but since this is what the couple said I decided to share it even though I feel like this comes off as a direct plug for us. But I don’t want to edit our couple’s response, so I am sharing this with you anyway)

What was the editing process like?

The editing process was fun to follow! Devyn used Instagram to post a few still frames here and there shortly after the wedding and then the teaser (the amazing teasers!) was posted a couple of weeks after the wedding. This was so fun to see, because most likely you haven’t even seen many photos from your photographer yet so getting a short glimpse into our day was truly special—I cannot count how many times I watched our teaser (and still do!). We next got our short film which is also posted on social media. At this point a little while has passed since your wedding so prepare for all sorts of emotions to sweep over you when you watch it for the first couple of times! We chose the package to have a feature film as well (which I would highly recommend) which came a couple of months later on a jump drive specifically for us with all of our files. It was so special to receive everything from our wedding day after a couple of months have passed to help us relive the day.

Were you happy with the deliverables Mollica Films gave you?

We were more than happy with deliverables Mollica Films gave us. Easy use and the quality was fantastic. It included the videos and many moments from our day we treasure so much. While we watch every thing back, I feel every emotion, I get to see my family and friends celebrating with us and the emotions they felt with us-I will cherish everything for years to come. 

What was your favorite moment from the wedding day?

This is a hard one! There were so many favorite moments from our wedding day. However, we both agree that our favorite moment was our ceremony—being surrounded by everyone special in our life, yet feeling like it was just the two of us making the most special and sacred commitment to each other was so special to us. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to couples for their wedding day?

Everyone tells this to a bride-to-be, but to try and relax and enjoy every moment! It all goes so quickly from the planning process to the actual day, so make sure you try and take it all in. Also, remember that it’s YOUR day and to try not to let what other people think or are saying affect you. If you make decisions about your wedding for other people it won’t be a good representation of the two of you. J

Would you recommend hiring Mollica Films? If so, why?

Hands down, I would 100000% recommend Mollica Films. They were one of the best vendors we worked with and some of the best people we had the pleasure to meet throughout the wedding process. You will not only have unique, fantastic, romantic videos from your wedding day, you will gain friends as well. They have given us the wonderful gift of re-living the most special day, every emotion, every moment—for the next 50 years. You will not regret hiring them!