Intimate Wisconsin Wedding by the River: Tony + Emily

This wedding is extra special to me because Tony and Emily are my in-laws! I have so much love for the two of them and their story.

Tony and Emily met at a mutual friend's wedding when they were seated at the same table. As they were all talking, a friend joked that if Tony had a cold beer and a hammock, Emily would marry him! Well, it turns out that they actually did connect over their love for hammocks and craft breweries (and coffee and Jesus of course) and the two sparked a friendship. After a few months of being super close friends, Tony and Emily finally began dating. Not long after their relationship started, the both knew they had found the one they wanted to marry.

For their wedding day, they invited their closest family and friends to a small ceremony and dinner. This was such a perfect idea and their dinner was one of the most intimate and beautiful parts of the day. It was clear that the 40 people present for the dinner love Tony and Emily very deeply.

Their reception followed and more friends and family joined us as we danced the night away while drinking margaritas and sipping wine! I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time. 

I personally need to share, that right after Tony confided in Adam and I that he liked Emily, I was hopeful that the two would get married. I had never met Emily but I knew who she was due to a similar community when I lived in Appleton. The first time I met her it didn't feel like the first time. She is the kind of person who makes you feel immediately comfortable around her and from that moment on I hoped she would become my sister-in-law. I am SO excited about all of the memories we have made so far and for all the memories we will make in the years to come. 



Mollica Films-Videography

Melissa Alderton Photography

Manawa Masonic Lodge-Venue

Lindsay Park in Manawa- Portrait Location

Herb and Blossom- Florals