Kelly Moore Bag: A Favorite


I love Kelly Moore bags SO much that I have two of them!

When deciding which bag to buy Kelly Moore, I had to look at the specs of each individual bag because I needed one big enough to fit everything. I have a Canon C100, which is a very large camera body and doesn't fit into a lot of camera bags. I also needed to fit my lens, two lapel microphones, and the handle to the camera body in the bag. This meant I needed to be getting a bag on the larger side.

This lead me to purchase The Kate as my first bag.

The great thing about Kelly Moore bags is that they all come with a removable basket with dividers inside. All of the dividers are connected with a strong velcro, so they can be removed or moved around to fit your specific needs. I removed one of the dividers to fit the camera body but left the other two dividers in their place because they perfectly fit my lens and my microphones. Then, I was able to fit my external hard drives over the top of everything.

There are also multiple pockets in the front pouch which fit my phone, chapstick, wallet, pretty much any miscellaneous items. Another feature I liked about this bag was that the main pouch had a zipper on top. This gave me peace of mind that nothing was going to fall out. There are bags that don't include zippers on the top because they consider the fact that the bag folds over itself to be secure enough. But, when my bag contains thousands of dollars in equipment, I don't want to take any chances so I loved the added zipper on top.

On the front of the bag there is an additional zipped pocket which came in handy for keeping my boarding passes. It was easy to access the boarding passes quickly. I didn't have to open the entire bag to get the boarding passes or tickets, it was easy to just reach down, open that one pocket, and have quick access to all of my passes. 

On the front of the bag, you also see the leather straps. First of all, they are super cute, I love the way they are designed! Second, while it looks like you have to completely undo the leather straps to open the bag, it's actually just a button clasp underneath. This makes opening the bag super easy! 

I also wanted to point out the shoulder strap. When looking for a bag, I wanted to find something that was easy to carry and easy to access at the same time. This ruled out a backpack, even though Kelly Moore makes cute backpacks. I knew I didn't want to take a backpack on and off every time I needed to access something in my bag, so a messenger style bag with a shoulder strap was my number one choice. One thing I love about Kelly Moore bags, is that they offer the option of a shoulder strap to almost every bag they carry. This particular bag was designed as a messenger bag, so naturally it has the over the shoulder strap. BUT I love that even the purses on come with additional shoulder straps that you can add to the bag. I find that super convenient! On the back of this particular bag, there is also a smaller strap that fits perfectly over a rolling suitcase handle. 

 The second Kelly Moore Bag that I have purchased has actually been discontinued but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it!


I chose the second bag so that I could have something to carry around with me at all times on a wedding day. The Kate bag is great for transporting equipment, but once I’m on site, I want something a bit smaller and more manageable for the day. This second bag contains everything I might need on a short notice on the wedding day, like my phone, timeline, extra batteries, extra lenses, prism, and chapstick.

One more thing I love about Kelly Moore bags is that they use high quality materials. You can definitely tell the difference in quality when you compare this bag to other bags that might be similar on the market. The only real critique I have about this bag is that the shoulder strap could use a better cushion. With all of my gear in the bag, it got pretty heavy and the cushion on the shoulder strap wasn't thick enough to stop the strap from cutting into my shoulder. I'm trying to think of some creative ways to add some additional cushioning to the strap myself, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

I'd like to end by saying that this bag is definitely worth the investment! At first, I was hesitant to fork up all the cash needed to purchase it, but after realizing that this bag will last for years and years and years, I decided it was worth it to spend more on a high quality bag. I know for a fact that I will be buying from Kelly Moore again because I love the way all of the bags are designed. They are super cute and also extremely functional. AND you don't have to be a photographer or videographer to find them functional. Heck, you can just be a mom in need of a well organized purse or diaper bag! If you're interested in seeing some of the other bags that Kelly Moore offers visit their website! :)