Marketing Video: Future Regions Initiative

We LOVE working with all kinds of companies on branding videos, promo videos, introduction videos, or social videos. So when the Local Government Institute from Madison, WI reached out to us about creating a video for a new initiative, I was excited!

I had worked with Rebecca Ryan (Next Generation Consulting) on a project in the past, and since she was collaborating with LGI on a new program I had the chance to work with her again on this project!

This video has been used to promote the Future Regions Initiative and Gary from LGI had this to say about the video:

Our organization needed a video that could clearly explain a relatively complex program in a simple and impactful way. Devyn delivered with flying colors. Our Board was very impressed with the results of the video. We now have it posted on our website and it is an immense aid in helping our stakeholders understand our program. The great thing was that the production process was smooth and painless. Devyn's interview style sets people at ease so there was little of the usual nervousness people have when they are in front of a camera. I look forward to working with Devyn again for our next video.

Marketing videos are a great opportunity to build trust with your audience, explain a new program, show off a product, and help you stand out against competition. 57% of consumers have said that watching a video gave them more confidence to purchase from a company. Videos help build trust, increase sales, and grow your audience.

The Future Regions video is a perfect example of using video to launch a new program and increase interest in it from your audience.