Favorite (Uncommon) Wedding Dance Songs

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After filming over 30 weddings, we’ve watched a LOT of first, mother/son dances, and father/daughter dances. Sometimes we hear repeat songs which is natural because I think people tend to be drawn to some of the same love songs, if you want to know the most common wedding dance songs, let me know because we definitely have that list too.

But occasionally we hear first dance songs that stand out, some of them are fun, some make us cry, but all of them are uncommon yet perfect for the occasion. So, we thought we would share a few of our favorites! (And yes, these are real songs we have actually heard at wedding receptions!)

Best Father/Daughter Dances:

3) Daughters- John Mayer

This is an obvious choice, but we have actually only heard this as a father/daughter dance once. It’s the perfect combination of sentimental and cute!

2) Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles

This one is great for a father/daughter relationship that is sweet and fun happy!

1) Wildflowers- Tom Petty

Our favorite pick because it fits a laid back but close father/daughter relationship perfectly!

Best Mother/Son Dances:

3) Stairway to the Stars- Ella Fitzgerald

This is a more classic choice because I mean, who doesn’t love Ella Fitzgerald?! You might not have listened to this song before, but I encourage you to look it up, it’s a good one!

2) Country Roads- John Denver

This is perfect for a relaxed and fun mother/son dance. I honestly would not have thought of this as a song for a mother/son dance until we watched a mother/son dance to this song last summer. I thought it was perfect!

1) Rivers & Roads- The Head and The Heart

Our favorite pick because we won’t lie, we were in tears when we watched the mother/son dance to this song. It was the perfect fit for a super close-knitted family.

Best First Dances:

3) Stand By Me- NeedtoBreathe Live Cover

I love this take on a classic song because it gives it such a fresh feel while the meaning of the song stays the same.

2) Beyond- Leon Bridges

We expect this one to be a big first dance song in 2019 because it really became popular about halfway through last wedding season. We have loved Leon Bridges for a couple of years now, so we’re stoked about this song being a first dance choice!

1) Tennessee Whiskey- Chris Stapleton

The perfect combination of sultry and fun, this is our favorite pick from last year. It fits perfectly with a hot summer night!