3 Reasons You Need to do a styled shoot


If you are a filmmaker who is just starting out you might be in the midst of struggling to book your ideal client and even if are able to book them, might be struggling to charge what you are actually worth.

I’ve been there. But after the first year of business I decided to plan and execute a styled shoot that would help me connect with my ideal audience and it was honestly one of the BEST things I did to really bring my business to the next level. Since then, I’ve participated in styled shoots each year of business.

There are three reasons why I think that styled shoots should be your BEST FRIEND when you are starting out. (or whenever you feel like you need a change of pace or a fresh perspective.)

1) You connect with your ideal client.

By filming and editing a styled shoot video, you are in complete control of the style and feel of the film. This allows you to create for your ideal client. What kind of vibe do you want the film to have? What color grade do you think will connect with your people? What emotions do you think will resonate with them? A styled shoot allows you to explore all of these questions and really hone in on what is going to attract your ideal client.

2) You are in a controlled environment

A wedding day can be a lot of pressure. You only have one chance to get some of the shots and don’t get a do-over if you miss them. Think about the first kiss, you get one chance to nail that shot. You can’t miss the audio from the toasts, and if the lighting is bad during the ceremony you don’t get to re-do it.

The beautiful thing about a styled shoot is that it gives you a chance to practice and feel comfortable directing a couple, composing shots of the wedding details (like invitations, shoes, jewelry). It helps you gain experience in a controlled and more relaxed environment

3) It’s refreshing to flex your creative muscles

If you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, participating in a styled shoot can be refreshing. You are able to think outside the box and try new things with no risk involved. It’s freeing to create new things and explore ideas you haven’t tried before!

Want to try a styled shoot? Great! If you’re not sure where to start, download my free guide to planning a styled shoot! It’s a step by step guide to getting everything you need for a styled shoot that will help you connect with your ideal client, practice in a controlled environment, and feel refreshed.

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