To make things easy, we’ve put together three packages to help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a video. Looking for something else? No problem, we are flexible and ready to work with you- whatever the project!



Our first package is perfect for a business that is looking for something short and sweet. We will create a branding video or series of branding videos that will be effective on all of your social media channels to help you stand out against competition, build trust with your audience, and increase sales.



In our second package we will dive deeper into what makes your business tick. We will tell your story in an authentic way that truly matches your vibe and branding. Intro videos help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level by sharing details like how your business started or what your heart is behind everything. Sharing these details helps to build trust with your audience and increases conversions and sales.



Promotional videos are perfect for businesses or organizations who would like to sell or emphasize a particular event, product, or some facet of your company. Rather than an overview of who you are as a business or brand, we will focus on one area that you want to promote. Creating videos for your product or event helps to increase your sales.


Looking for something else? We are flexible and ready to work with you-whatever the project!


If you’re ready to chat about an upcoming project or idea, let’s get connected!