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I am so excited to finally release the Linen + Leather LUTs by Mollica Films! I have been using these two LUTs for most of my projects for the past year or so. I’ve perfected both and am so thrilled to be sharing them with the world! 

What’s a LUT?

LUT stands for Look Up Table. In basic terms, it’s a preset for color grading video.

If you want your video to have a stylized look or you are going for a certain mood in your color grading, most people use a LUT to speed up the process. It allows for consistency and ease when it comes to color grading.



The Linen LUT features warm and creamy highlights, cool shadows, and soft greens. This LUT is perfect for a bright and airy wedding day, or someone looking for a LUT that emulates a film photography look. The purchase includes two variations, the Linen LUT and the LINEN- LUT. The Linen is a LUT that will brighten footage while the Linen- will leave the exposure as is.

Both LUTs may require tweaks when it comes to exposure, as they are mainly designed to adjust the tones in your videos.


The Leather LUT is perfect for a dark and moody look. This LUT features warm midtones, muted highlights, and dark shadows. It adds a warm and moody feel to every shot.

Two variations are included, the Leather LUT and the Leather- LUT. The Leather- increases contrast more than the Leather.

Both may require tweaks when it comes to exposure as they are designed to mainly adjust the tones.


This LUT Bundle includes two LUTs, the Linen LUT and the Leather LUT.

Two variations are included for both types, so in all you receive the Linen, Linen-, Leather, and Leather-

(By purchasing the Linen and Leather as a bundle you save $20!)